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Lumens is a patented status alert object typically mounted to the top of an agents cubical. Lumens changes color and patterns according to the status of the agent. Allowing a supervisor the ability to survey the floor at a glance and determine the status and availability of all agents.

Clean & Simple Design

Let Lumens light up your contact center. The designer style will compliment any decor.

Fully Responsive

Lumens update every two seconds to prevent the call center from becoming too distracting while still providing the necessary visual update.

Platform Independent

Lumens only needs power in order to capture and display status. Lumens receives updates via our proprietary wireless infrastructure.

Wireless Connectivity

Lumens v2 is now wireless. Lumens Connector requires gateway connectivity and will automatically create a secure, distributed mesh-network with all other lumens. Install Lumens without modifications to your infrastructure.


Lumens takes care of agent status allows managers to focus on managing workflow

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Advanced Utilities
Take Control

Lumens is an status object illimunited with an array of LED's allowing the status of the user clearly and easily identifyable. Different colors and patterns help differentiate the status and length of that status with a glance.

Lumens updates every 2 seconds in unison to prevent the enviornment from becoming a distracting light show.
ADA complient, Lumens is a non-distractive way to distribute status data.

Lumens easily installs in your orginization. All Lumens are wireless and need no additional wiring infrastructure. Each Lumen has an identifier. Using the control panel, management assigns users to each Lumen.

Lumens also comes with a web-based control panel for force availablility. Your orginization can use the Force Available utility for a monthly fee.


Instant ROI

Launch Lumens in your organization and see instant Return on your investment.

No Software

No software is installed on the clients computer.

Monthly Cost

A simple low monthly cost will allow you to plan your lumens deployment.

Wireless Lumens

Use Lumens to create a comfortable and interactive environment for your employees.

Well Documented

The well documented API is available for anyone who would like to develop interactions with Lumens.

Fast Support

Our top tier support will help you get your organization setup and rolling with Lumens.

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Drive Information
Display Status

Drive Data by allowing users to see data. Exposing tasks of employees is shown to increase productivity by over 65 percent.

Lumens custom colors allow you to assign any color to the status of your agent giving you total control of your environment.

Place Lumens in your orginization and help drive timely, real world information. Lumens communicates with an array of technologies ensuring your orginization has the information they need, at their fingertips.


Lumens communicates with multiple API's to create an interactive status indicator.
Please check with us to see if your hardware/software is supported.
If your looking for more then 500 Lumens for your organization please contact us for discounted rates! Minimum account with contract is $200/month, includes 5 users, and is billed on the 1st of each month. Cost for additional users listed below.

Lumens With Contact

Contact Us /month*
  • Force Availability Web Software
  • *Tablet/Mobile Enabled*
  • Dynamic Contact Center Blueprint
  • Monthly Updates
  • Nightly Backups

Lumens Without Contract

Contact Us /month*
  • Lumens without a contract*
  • Everything Basic includes
  • Wireless Infrastructure Not Included In Price
  • Nightly Backups
  • Access to Beta Tools

Need More Lumens?

Are you in need of more Lumens?
Contact your sales representative to increase or decrease the Lumens in your organization.

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